Department of Neuroscience

Neuroscience is the scientific study of nervous systems. The field encompasses the anatomy, behavioral functions, biochemistry, development, evolution, genetics, pharmacology, and physiology of nervous systems as well as biologically inspired robotics and prosthetics, computational modeling, and mechanisms of neurological and psychiatric diseases. The Department of Neuroscience is devoted to education and research in this remarkably interdisciplinary and dynamic field of modern science. Research in the Department of Neuroscience emphasizes analysis of neural circuits as it pertains to cellular, developmental, molecular and systems neurobiology, neuroethology, and neurogenetics.

Neuroscience News

Wulfila Gronenberg promoted to Professor

Congratulations to Wulfila Gronenberg on his promotion to full Professor!

Birdsong Could Offer Clues to Human Speech Disorders

UA researcher Julie Miller hopes to use her joint appointment in neuroscience and speech, language and hearing sciences to uncover the secrets behind language problems locked away in the brain.

Alan Nighorn receives University Distinguished Professor Award

The University Distinguished Professor Award was created to recognize faculty who have a long-term commitment to undergraduate education and have made outstanding contributions at The University of Arizona. Alan has made a difference in students' lives through personal commitment and mentoring a broad range of undergraduate students.