Orientation and Exit Policies

Welcome to the Department of Neuroscience!

Newcomers to Neuroscience are asked to complete a short orientation process to become acquainted with the department and its ways of doing business. Neuroscience's orientation process is designed to supplement the University's orientations.

  • Complete hiring checklist from UA Human Resources (applies to incoming classified staff, postdocs, & student employees) and schedule an I-9 verification with Corey Mustin (cmustin@arizona.edu).
  • Create a UA NetID if you do not already have one. The UA NetID is the electronic login used for creating email accounts, and for accessing University and department services and the campus' secure wireless network.
  • Set up a UA email account. The UA NetID is usually used as the email account identifier in the form of UAnetID@arizona.edu.
  • Obtain your UA identification card, the CatCard, from the CatCard Office if necessary.
  • Complete the Check-In/Orientation packet with the assistance of your supervisor or designate. Submit the completed packet to Corey in the administrative office within three days of your start date. This packet is separate from hiring paperwork and is required for all persons working or doing research in the department (faculty, staff, student, volunteer, visitor, etc.)
  • Make an appointment with Tracey Purcell to have your picture taken for the department photo board. The photo board hangs in the hallway outside of room 603 and is a good tool as you familiarize yourself with your colleagues.
  • If you will be using computer resources, MBB-IT will establish a computer logon.
  • All employees, students, and volunteers who work in labs are required to complete the University's General Chemical Laboratory Safety Training, comprising an online tutorial and quiz. Other University or departmental training may also be required; check with your PI or lab manager.
  • Keys to labs and to the Gould-Simpson building are issued with the approval of the supervisor and the rooms' owners. The Key Request Form is part of the Check-In/Orientation packet. Submit this form to Corey Mustin (cmustin@arizona.edu) when completed; he will process and issue authorization to the Key Desk.  Neuroscience requires all undergraduates to complete a 3 week training period before keys are authorized.
  • Anyone who will be making purchases for the lab and/or traveling to conferences should review the Purchasing and Travel pages of the web site. Purchasers will meet with Tracey Purcell for training.

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Before you leave the Department of Neuroscience ...

  • Notify your supervisor by submitting a letter of resignation. Resignation letters from paid employees should be forwarded to Jennifer Lawrence so that the proper termination paperwork can be completed.
  • Return keys to the KeyDesk and notify Corey Mustin.
  • Please leave a forwarding address and your new email address with the Neuroscience administrative office.
  • Paid employees who are leaving the University should update address information in UAccess.
  • Follow lab procedures for checking out of the lab.
  • Follow procedures to archive lab notebooks and electronic data that you or the lab may need in the future.