Travel Policies and Procedures

All business travel and funding must be authorized and documented prior to the start of the trip:

  • Domestic Travel - 10 Days in advance of departure date.
  • International Travel - 30 Days in advance of departure date.

Prior authorization is required whether or not the traveler will be reimbursed for any expenses from University of Arizona accounts.

Travelers must also register international travel through the UA International Travel Registry.

The following instructions will take you through a step-by-step process to register for international travel. Contact Tracey Purcell if you require assistance. As soon as you have completed this registration, please email the 5 digit travel # (shown on your registration page) to Tracey to complete your travel authorization.

There are two departmental forms to choose from when submitting upcoming travel plans:

  • Travel Worksheet (For initiating travel authorization, estimating expenses, and requesting prepayment of travel; expenses and/or a travel advance)
  • Travel Notification (For initiating travel authorization)

Please email the appropriate form to Tracey Purcell in the administrative office and she will process the required University Travel Authorization document.  Failure to register your business travel may result in not being reimbursed for travel expenses or covered under applicable UA Risk Insurances.

Pre-paying Expenses
Certain travel expenses may be prepaid using a UA purchasing method. These include conference registration fees, airfare, and in rare instances, hotel expenses. PCard-holders may charge conference registration fees to the PCard for travelers in their laboratories but, this should only be done after verifying that the travel authorization has been completed for each traveler and the expense approved by the account PI. Most PCard holders are not authorized to purchase airfare or other travel-related items. Please see Tracey when you are ready to purchase your airline tickets.

Travel Advances 
With sufficient notice, a travel advance may be issued to University employees for expenses that are not pre-paid, but only if the amount required exceeds $250. A request for a travel advance can only be made at the time the departmental Travel Authorization Worksheet is submitted. Travel advances will be direct deposited to the same bank account as the traveler's paycheck approximately 7 days before the trip.

Travel Expense Report/Reimbursements
Travelers should submit their receipts and expense reports to the Tracey immediately after returning from a trip. Itemized receipts are required for the following expenses:

  • Airfare - electronic itinerary showing passenger's name, itinerary, & payment information or a paper Passenger Receipt showing dollar amount
  • Lodging - (see State of Arizona Meals/Lodging Per Diem Allowances)
  • Rental Car/Train tickets/etc. - DECLINE the collision/damage insurance for rental cars; it will not be reimbursed
  • Parking/Garage fees
  • Registration fees

Receipts are not required for taxi or subway expenses to and from the airport or within the destination city. These expenses should be itemized on the traveler's expense report, listing the date of the transaction, the dollar amount and the purpose or destination.

Non-Reimbursable Expenses

  • Personal travel - when extending a business trip to include personal time, only the lodging and meals for the business portion of the trip will be reimbursed. Personal time must be approved when the trip is authorized and appropriately recorded as personal time on the employee's time record.
  • Personal phone calls - including calls to your home residence/family cell phones
  • Movies & other hotel entertainment
  • Insurance - costs for flight insurance, medical insurance and collision damage insurance waivers are personal expenses and will not be reimbursed (exception: if a vehicle is rented overseas and the traveler is required to purchase the CDW).

Department of Neuroscience travel procedures follow the guidelines established by the University travel policy (FRS Manual 14.0) as well as internal procedures. Please contact Tracey Purcell (621-6628) if you have questions or if you have a travel situation not covered here.