Automated Analysis of Mitochondrial x-y-t Tracks

Software Description:

The MTrackJ Automated Template software is designed for use with Microsoft Excel (2003/2007). Its functionality has not been tested with other programs, including OpenOffice. The software templates are designed to convert x-y-t coordinates provided by MTrackJ , a plugin of NIH ImageJ, into normalized tracks of motion. To define the motion of a mitochondrion (or any other particle), the automated analysis will model the normalized x-y-t coordinates as a three state system, consisting of anterograde runs, retrograde runs and stationary phases. The following motility parameters will then be calculated for mitochondria moving either in a net-antero- or net-retrograde direction:

- duration, distance, and velocities of anterograde runs (ARs. plus end-directed).
- duration, distance, and velocities of retrograde runs (RRs, minus end-directed) runs.
- duration and frequency of stops.
- frequency of reversals in direction.
- frequency of reversals and stops.
- net-velocity (total net-distance during entire tracking time)
- net-distance
- "duty cycles" (percentage of time spent in anterograde runs, retrograde runs, and stationary phases).

Download compressed zip file Mito-Analysis (includes one compilation file, one template file, twenty appropriately named blank templates, and the manual).

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