Rachel Sadler Receives the 2017 Hildebrand Scholarship

Oct. 19, 2017

Congratulations to Rachel Sadler for receiving the 2017 Hildebrand Scholarship. This scholarship supports and encourages highly-qualified students planning to pursue graduate education and scientific careers in neuroscience or a related field.

Rachel is part of the Gronenberg Lab and has been mentored by Rebekah Keating, an advanced graduate student in the lab. Here's what Keating had to say about Rachel.

"Rachel shows a tenacity and independence rare for such a young scientist.  Initially, we sat down together to familiarize her with the literature and hone her research question and, subsequently, Rachel has taken advantage of all the resources at her disposal, from the existing literature and online help with statistical analysis to advice from a behavior-savvy post doc in the lab.  She keeps a clear focus on her question and has developed her own long term research schedule to make sure she can gather enough data to adequately answer test this question.  Working with undergraduate students is one of the most valuable lessons in mentorship, but working with Rachel is like having a peer in the lab.  As a graduate student, I can bounce ideas off of her and share insights about behavior techniques or analysis methods.  She is eager to learn and practice new skills, but also seems to gain much knowledge through the process of science itself.  In addition to being adept in science, it is clear that Rachel genuinely enjoys what she is doing, a quality I think may be one of the best predictors of success in graduate school and likely academia in general.”