Bhattacharya and Yin receive BIO5 Team Scholars Program Award

July 9, 2019

Dr. Bhattacharya and Dr. Yin  have been granted the BIO5 Team Scholars Program award for collaborating on neuron-glia co-cultures from the Yin lab and infected with a virus built in the Bhattacharya lab. Dr. Bhagyashree Manivannan, Bhattacharya lab, is performing biochemical and proteomic analysis on the separate cell populations. 

The BIO5 Team Scholars Program award is granted through the BIO5 Institute, one of the Research Discovery & Innovation (RDI) University Research Institutes/Centers (URICs).

The award offers support for scholarships to allow a faculty member release time and other support for full implementation of collaborative, interdisciplinary projects. URICs are intended to be the campus hubs for large scale transdisciplinary work, and yet many faculty are not fully utilizing the resources and connections available at the URICs in their work. The goal of these BIO5 Institute Team awards is to develop, produce and submit a collaborative proposal for external funding, and to enhance the connection of faculty to the BIO5 Institute and other colleagues.