Dr. Ulises Ricoy Secures Additional Grass Foundation Grant

Sept. 2, 2021
Ricoy snow 09.02.21.jpg

Congratulations to Dr. Ulises Ricoy, Faculty Director, NSCS.  Dr. Ricoy received an additional grant from The Grass Foundation in the amount of $125,833 for continued support and promotion of his neuroscience education and research program for underrepresented and under-served students of the greater Tucson community.  Congratulations and well deserved, Ulises!

The Mission of the Grass Foundation:

The Grass Foundation assists in advancing knowledge in neuroscience and promotes scientific excellence by enabling and catalyzing scientific discovery across, rather than within the confines of, individual academic institutions.  As part of this mission, the Foundation strives to make education in neuroscience and mechanistic scientific reasoning more broadly accessible to communities where these approaches are not currently practiced.  The Foundation recognizes that by broadly educating individuals that the function of neurons is a physical, mechanistic process that can be measured, it promotes the idea that the basis of experience and mental health is physical and understandable using the process and tools of science.

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